Personification as Major Trope in British Toy Literature

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Chapter 1. Outline of  Children’s Literature

1.1. British Toy Literature

1.2. Toy Characters in British children’s literature

Chapter 2.  Bear in British Children’s Literature

2.1. Bear as a Toy Character in British Literature

2.2. Teddy Bear in British Children’s Literature (about authors M. Bond, Milne Alexander and about their books in general)




The thesis is devoted to the description of main bear toy characters in the British literature, as well personification as major trope in the British literature. The actual subject-matter of the thesis is the study of British children’s literature, in general, and bear characters in the children’s literature, in particular. The relevance of the research is predetermined by the rising interest in children’s literature all over the world, as well as its topicality nowadays. Since the beginning of oral communication, adults have entertained children with stories and fables. From these folktales developed an elaborate tapestry of children’s literature. Nowadays children’s literature encompasses multiple genres and appeals to readers of every age. For a long time, children’s literature was not considered a legitimate field of research in the academic world.  However, since the publication of such studies as Zohar Shavit’s “Poetics of Children Literature” (1986), Peter Hunt’s “Criticism, Theory and Children’s Literature” (1991), Maria Nikolayeva’s “Children’s Literature Comes of  Age” (1996) and others, children’s literature has gradually come to be accepted as literature per se and continues to struggle to be viewed as having equal status with adult literature.

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